The Mid-Sized City: a New Scale for Urban Thought

12 February 2021

The Mid-Sized City: a New Scale for Urban Thought

Stadsgezicht in Den Haag (Cityscape in The Hague) by George Hendrik Breitner; between 1880 and 1923; Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Small or medium-sized cities are conceptually a blind spot in urban experience, they lie somewhere between town and country, and yet they are considered - at least in Germany – as a province. This essay is a plea for the specific quality of life of this in-between place, in which freedom and restriction mutually permeate and relativize each other, avoiding both homogeneity and that accumulation of differences which creates disentangled silos. A certain form of urbanity seems to be possible here, which is in danger of being lost in the metropolises: a creative space for different people that is potentially present in the metropolises but can only be activated with increasing difficulties.

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