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Submission guidelines

Philosophy World Democracy publishes a wide range of contributions (philosophical articles, essays, reviews, excerpts, podcasts). We also publish articles engaging theoretically with issues that are topical from the journal’s point of view. Articles already published cannot be republished in PWD, but we are open to publishing its translation into another language. Before submitting the final version of the contribution, we invite you to communicate a note with the points of the proposed article, interview or book review. We will then get back to you with our thoughts, wishes, or recommendations. 

Philosophy World Democracy is a multilingual journal – it solicits articles in all languages. Should you wish to submit an essay in a language that is not spoken by one of our editors or editorial board members, we will explore the possibility.

Suggestions for book excerpt should mention the publications details, a blurb and the requisite permissions. 

The submissions should address the concerns articulated in the concept. Preferably they should not exceed 4000 words, but longer essays can also be considered). 

The texts should be prepared in Word format using the PWD Style Guide. 

Please send us your proposals and submissions via 


Style Guide can be downloaded here - PDF

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