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Christophe Tukov trained as a judicial magistrate. He is currently administrative magistrate and Vice President of the Montreuil administrative court, in charge of emergency proceedings, and temporary president of the Cour Nationale du Droit d'Asile. He was a member of the bench of the Nice administrative court that heard the first summary proceedings on the wearing of the burkini on the beach in 2016. Tukov is also a lecturer at Sciences Po and a part-time associate lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Nice, affiliated with the Centre d'études en droit administratif, constitutionnel, financier et fiscal (CERDACFF). His main teaching and research areas are political institutions, the state of emergency, asylum law and secularism.

La dimension constitutionnelle de la laïcité au Sénégal et en France

21 December 2023

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