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André Bernold taught 17th and 20th century French literature and comparative literature at Bennington College, Michigan State University, and Dartmouth College. At the age of twenty he met Samuel Beckett and they became lifelong friends. Later, at the request of Pierre Berès, he wrote L'amitié de Beckett (éditions Hermann, 1992). He began a thesis on Antonin Artaud under the direction of Jacques Derrida, besides whom he also shared close friendships with Gilles Deleuze, Simon Hantaï and György Kurtág, and above all with Jean-Luc Nancy. His studies or poems have been published in the journals La Nouvelle Revue Française, Philosophie, Détail, Chimères, and Cahier de conversation. Bernold is author of Broken Silk, a study of Deleuze and of a memoir. His recent publication include J’écris à quelqu’un (éditions Fage, 2016) and Dialogue entre Hylas et Philonous sur les frères Van Velde (éditions Fage 2019).

l’indéracinable optimisme de Jean-Luc Nancy

23 August 2022

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