The Noise of All Things

15 June 2021

The Noise of All Things

Hekate, Maxmilián_Pirner, 1901; Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

There is a new voice in philosophy when a distinct meaning is introduced to “meaning.” The economics—the relation between the more and the less—of words and meanings, and voice is often discussed in the terms of homology and analogy. The domain where the voice of a higher being is accessed within language such that this being reveals the meaning of the whole world is the domain of metaphysics. In the last century the metaphysical voice was set in suspension by Wittgenstein when he asked philosophers “to say nothing except what can be said” and later by Heidegger who spoke “of a telling silence”. Instead, for philosophy to speak it must open a relation to the background noise of philosophy.

This is the text of the public lecture delivered with Barbara Cassin on 23-10-18 at Institut Français, New Delhi as a part of the conference organised by Divya Dwivedi titled “Present of the Day”. The prologue is a short text written for the occasion of a seminar with Barbara Cassin, Divya Dwivedi, Patrice Maniglier, and Shaj Mohan in Borotalpada, a tribal village in West Bengal, which was distributed as a hand-out for the audience in New Delhi.

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