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Philosophy World Democracy

22 NOVEMBER 2020

It will not be a world democracy, since it must be the people themselves who create themselves and arrange themselves. Rather, we affirm a democratic essence of the world: peopled by all the living and by all the conversing, wholly configured by their existence and by their words.

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PWD 0101 by Ikue Nakagawa

                      have begun here Philosophy World Democracy.

We can see that the whole, the pan, is suffering. And that all our crises and maladies are the result of the sickness of the world-wide economic and technical systems which today determine our relations with each other. Yet, we reflect on the malfeasance from the narrow ethnic and national conditions where the governments are often merely the sad executioners.  The “theoretico-political” instruments with which we interpreted the world and the centrisms anchored in the former together have been preventing everyone everywhere from participating in a collective reflection on the meaning of the present moment and on the desirable possibilities of our shared future.

The blockages which prevent us from deliberating as everyone everywhere are many. English-speaking researchers and academics from non-Western countries have little access to publish in American and British websites and journals. Translation barriers exclude researchers working in the less powerful languages. Social inequalities exclude many researchers even from websites and journals in their own languages. As a result, the conversations about the world are fragmented and confined to smaller hidden spaces. The reflections on the crises of the world are viewed from a distance by the majority in who’s name these reflections often unfold without their ever having the means to respond.

In most parts of the world the university system is changing dramatically. It is becoming inaccessible for the poor destroying even the possibility of accessing what was pejoratively called “mass education”. This process is accompanied by greater efforts at creating technical uniformity across countries which will accelerate the already at work techno-capitalistic control on all knowledge production.

In this developing context deep and reflective discussions about the world are getting confined to the board room spaces and think-tanks created by the technocratic elites. People are forced into “regions” and ghettoes of thought, and the world is hidden from thought!

We believe that at this time, in which collective conversation is of the utmost importance, it is urgent to begin an online journal for short, accessible philosophical and theoretical reflections without ever compromising the difficulties of thinking. An accessible website that will not be bound by ethnocentrisms and doctrinaire cliques. It even has to be multilingual.

And thus we have begun here Philosophy World Democracy.



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