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Sebastian Schuller’s recent monograph Realismus des Kapitals: Marxistische Literaturtheorie im Zeitalter des globalen Kapitalismus(Brill & Wilhelm Fink, 2021) revisits Marxist Literary Theory in the Age of Globalisation. Hereceived his doctorate from Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany in 2020 and is currently preparing a PostDoc-project. Schuller has published in the fields of Marxist literary theory, Hip-hop-studies, popular culture, and Bertolt Brecht studies. Schuller has edited an anthology on the rise of the Alt-Right in Germany, Die Zeit der Monster (2018) and is co-author of an anthology on the cultural and political implications on the current COVID-19 pandemic (Social Analysis and the COVID-19 Crisis: A Collective Journal, 2020).

Philology of World Conspiracy: The ‘Great Reset’ and other problems of philology

5 June 2022

Time is (not) out of Joint: Inquiries on Non-Synchronicity in Times of Late Capitalism

21 December 2020

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