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Roberto Esposito is professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy. Until 2013, he was vice director of the Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, full professor of Theoretical Philosophy, and the coordinator of the doctoral program in philosophy. For five years, he was a member of the International Council of Scholars of the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris. Esposito is the author of several books, including Communitas: The Origin and Destiny of Community (Stanford University Press, 2004), Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy (Minnesota University Press, 2008), Immunitas: The Protection and Negation of Life (Polity Press, 2011), Third Person: Politics of Life and Philosophy of the Impersonal (Polity Press, 2012), Living Thought: The Origins and Actuality of Italian Philosophy (Stanford University Press, 2012), and Two: The Machine of Political Theology and the Place of Thought (Fordham University Press, 2015).

The Return of History

9 March 2022

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