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Robert Bernasconi Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. Besides his seminal contributions in the form of The Question of Language in Heidegger's History of Being (1985), Heidegger in Question: The Art of Existing (1993), How to Read Sartre (2007), are his numerous essays and edited and co-edited volumes on nineteenth and twentieth century European philosophy, notably Time and Metaphysics (1982), Re-Reading Levinas (1991), The Cambridge Companion to Levinas (2001). Bernasconi has spearheaded research in critical philosophy of race through texts like Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy (with Sybil Cook, 2003), Race, Hybridity, and Miscegenation (2005)  through the interpretations of the works of Otttobah Cugoano, Frederick Douglas, Antenor Firmin, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Frantz Fanon. He is a founding editor of the journal Critical Philosophy of Race and the also the editor of Levinas Studies and Eco-Ethica.

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