Osamu Nishitani

Osamu Nishitani is professor emeritus at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After studying law at Tokyo University, he studied French thought and literature in University of Paris VIII. He has taught mainly at the graduate school of TUFS, where he was in charge of the transdisciplinary course “global studies.” He is currently a member of the scientific committee of Institute of Advanced Studies-Nantes. Nishitani is the author of Fushi No Wonderland (1990) [trans. Wunderlande der Unsterblichkeit, 2015], which deals with the obliteration of the subject. He has also authored Yoru no kodou ni fureu [Touching the palpitations of the night] (1995), Sekaishi no Rinkai (Critique of universal history, Iwanami-shoten, 2001), Tero tono Sensou towa nanika [What is the war on terrorism?] (Ibun-sha, 2002), Risei no Tankyu [In search of lost reason] (Iwanami-shoten, 2010), After Fukushima Chronicle—Where is our Future (2014), and An empire of Freedom, baptised “Amerique” (2016).

Philosophy World Democracy

It will not be a world democracy, since it must be the people themselves who create themselves and arrange themselves. Rather, we affirm a democratic essence of the world: peopled by all the living and by all the conversing, wholly configured by their existence and by their words.