Kris Sealey

Kris F Sealey is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Black Studies Program at Fairfield University. She graduated from Spelman College in 2001 with a B.Sc. in Mathematics, and received both her M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from The University of Memphis. Since 2011, Dr. Sealey has served as the book review editor of the Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy. She is also the director of Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI), a summer immersion experience in for under-represented undergraduate students with an interest in pursuing a doctorate in philosophy. Dr. Sealey’s areas of research include the Critical Philosophy of Race, Caribbean Philosophy, and decolonial theory. Her first book, Moments of Disruption: Levinas, Sartre and the Question of Transcendence, was published in December 2013 with SUNY Press. Her second book, Creolizing the Nation, is published with Northwestern University Press (September 2020). In addition to directing Fairfield University’s Black Studies program, Dr. Sealey also serves as an Associate Director of the Humanities Institute, and Coordinator for the social justice signature element of Fairfield University’s Magis core curriculum.

Philosophy World Democracy

It will not be a world democracy, since it must be the people themselves who create themselves and arrange themselves. Rather, we affirm a democratic essence of the world: peopled by all the living and by all the conversing, wholly configured by their existence and by their words.