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Kamran Baradaran is an author, critic, musician, translator and journalist. He has translated works of philosophers including Jean Baudrillard, Antonio Gramsci, Paul Virilio and Slavoj Žižek into Persian. In the field of literature, he has translated works of Giles Cooper, Hector Munro, and Luigi Pirandello. Baradaran has also published a book on Écriture féminine Feminine Writing; Improvisation in the Mist. He works as a senior journalist specialising in international politics and his articles have appeared in Iran and around the world. His interviews with figures such as Divya Dwivedi, Simon Hajdini, Agon Hamza, Adrian Johnston, Shaj Mohan, Robert Pfaller, Alan Shandro, Guy Standing, and Slavoj Žižek have appeared in international academic journals.

Walt Whitman’s Equivalencies: Rupture and Catastrophe in Memoranda

19 April 2024

The Politics of the Expired: Response to “Trash: Evil” by Dwivedi and Mohan

4 May 2023

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