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Jean-Christophe Bailly, born in 1949 in Paris, is the author of numerous books, mainly essays and stories such as Le Dépaysement (Seuil, 2011), L'Élargissement du poème (Bourgois, 2016) and, more recently, L'Imagement (Seuil), Jours d'Amérique (Seuil) and Café Néon (Arléa), which are travel diaries in the USA and Greece. He was in charge of the review Aléa (1981-1989) where Jean-Luc Nancy published frequently, notably the first version of La Communauté désœuvrée, which then appeared in the collection "Détroits" that he edited with Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe and Michel Deutsch. In 1991 he co-authored with Jean-Luc Nancy La Comparution (Bourgois), a book-manifesto that responded to the fall of communism.

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