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Ivana Perica is Marie-Jahoda scholar at the University of Vienna, where she is writing a book about political literature around the fracture points of 1928 and 1968. She is the author of Die privat-öffentliche Achse des Politischen: Das Unvernehmen zwischen Hannah Arendt und Jacques Rancière (Königshausen & Neumann, 2016). After the completion of her PhD at the University of Vienna, Perica taught at the University of Vienna, LMU Munich, and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her articles on the politics of literature have appeared in Maska, Neohelicon and Weimarer Beiträge. Perica is Assistant Editor at arcadia – International Journal for Literary Studies.

tertium datur (Hrvatski / Croatian)

2 February 2021

tertium datur

21 November 2020

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