Ioannis Andronikidis

Ioannis Andronikidis is a graduate of the History and Archaeology department of theAristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Modern and Contemporary Art: History,Curating, and Criticism department of the Edinburgh College of Art. He is an ArtHistorian, Researcher and Writer currently based in Greece. His dissertation, Documented subjectivities, artistic autonomy, and the social register: critical analysisof Forensic Architecture’s vision, examines documentary and video-essay practices inrelation to subjectivity reproduction, aesthetics and politics, and the proposition forcommons. He is currently working on a research proposal around “politics of work andpublic space,” while writing a novel in Greek entitled Απεμπλοκή[Extrication] drawing on auto-fiction and psychogeography.

Philosophy World Democracy

It will not be a world democracy, since it must be the people themselves who create themselves and arrange themselves. Rather, we affirm a democratic essence of the world: peopled by all the living and by all the conversing, wholly configured by their existence and by their words.