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Born in 1952 in Bitche, Gérard Haller studied philosophy in Strasbourg. In 1980, he founded the Théâtre en hiver company and for ten years wrote for the theatre – in particular Gmund (Paris 1986) and Figuren (Avignon 1987), montages of texts that he directed with the visual artist Sylvie Blocher. Since 1985, Haller has lived and worked in Paris. Author of two stories – Commun des mortels(2004) and Deux dans la nuit (2010), published by Galilée – he mainly writes poetry: Météoriques (2001), prefaced by Jean-Luc Nancy, Seghers; all/ein(2003), Fini mère (2007), Le grand unique sentiment (2018) and Menschen(2020), all published by Galilée; and mbo (2018).

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