Gal Kirn

Gal Kirn completed his PhD in political philosophy at the University of Nova Gorica. He then worked, among other places, at the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry and at GWZO in Leipzig, he was a recipient of the fellowship of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation and at the Akademie Schloss Solitude for the project “Thinking the Monument to Sub/Urban Riots” (together with Niloufar Tajeri). He was a research fellow at TU Dresden, where he researched on Soviet avant-garde and partisan memory. His book Partisan Ruptures appeared at Pluto Press (2019), and his most recent book The Partisan Counter-Archive was published at De Gruyter (June 2020). He is currently a Visiting Professor of Cultural History at University of Nova Gorica.

Philosophy World Democracy

It will not be a world democracy, since it must be the people themselves who create themselves and arrange themselves. Rather, we affirm a democratic essence of the world: peopled by all the living and by all the conversing, wholly configured by their existence and by their words.