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Federico Leoni teaches ethics at the University of Verona where he is co-director of the Tiresias Research Centre for Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. He is the co-editor of two journals, Chiasmi. Trilingual Studies concerning Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Phi/Psy. International Journal of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. He was a member of Alipsi(Associazione lacaniana italiana di psicoanalisi), for which he co-edited the review Lettera, and is currently a member of the Società Milanese di Psicoanalisi. His philosophical work develops at the crossroads between Bergsonism, structuralism, psychoanalysis. The key words of his research are: body, sign, fantasy, continuity, technique, universe. His books include Habeas corpus. Sei genealogie del corpo occidentale (2008); L'idiota e la lettera. Quattro saggi sul Flaubert di Sartre (2013); Jacques Lacan, l'economia dell'assoluto (2016); Among Leoni’s most recent publications are Jacques Lacan, una scienza di fantasmi and Henri Bergson. Segni di vita (Feltrinelli, Milano 2021).

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