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Abdesselam Cheddadi is a renowned Arab scholar of Islamic historiography and translation. He was an Associate Director of Studies at l’École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and visiting professor at the universities of Harvard and Princeton in the United States. He is a recipient of the Franco-Arab Friendship prize, the Ibn Khaldoun Senghor prize, the Prix du Maroc and the King Faysal international prize in humanities. A specialist in Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), Cheddadi has published numerous books, research articles, translations and editions dealing with the thought, philosophy and biography of this legendary thinker. In his editions of Ibn Khaldun, particularly the Mugaddimah, Cheddadi carefully reviewed all available manuscripts across the world. Among Ibn Khaldun’s books translated by Cheddadi from Arabic to French are: Le Voyage d’Occident et d’Orient, (Sindbad, 1980), Peuples et nations du monde I – Extraits des “Ibar” (Le Livre des examples), Le Livre des Exemples I: Autobiographie, Muqaddima (Gallimard, 2003) and Le Livre des Exemples II.

Vers un changement de paradigme civilisationnel pour sortir des impasses de l’ère moderne

8 April 2021

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